In Memory of Jessica Lynn Davis: January 10, 2006


Author's Note: While this story is not war-related, the events of this day had a profound and lasting impact on me; thus I felt it deserved to be shared.

Author's Note: I dedicate this story to Jessica's loving Mother, Jennifer.

I dedicate this to Jessica, a young girl of 20 years. It was on this day that I met Jessica, but our meeting was not one of friendship or joy. I witnessed her death on this day. I saw her strike the front of an oncoming pick-up truck with her motorcycle, then ran over by the vehicle in front of me. I swerved to avoid the vehicle but not before running over her motorcycle then into the ditch. The driver whom she had struck ran off the road and struck a tree. Several of us got him out of the wreck, but would not let him see Jessica’s body….I am sure that he has relived that day more times than he cares to remember. Although I did not know Jessica, I felt such terrible pain for her as I helped covered her shattered body. She died alone on a highway surrounded by strangers. I will never forget when her mother got to the scene, the pain, the heartbreak, and the anguish she must have felt.

I did not see the beauty of her face or feel the warmth of her heart. I asked myself why God had let me witness such a tragedy; all I could do was wonder when the answer to this question would come. Surely God is testing me as He had done so many other times in my life, but why this? Why did I have to see this young woman lose her life?

I know that God chose Jessica to join his Heavenly league of Angels, and I know that she will dwell in a joyous and wonderful place. After the endless nightmares and sleepless night, it came time to bring some degree of closure in my heart. I visited the funeral home where family and friends were paying their last respects to Jessica. I needed to see the face of this young woman that I had seen die just days before. I had to rid my mind of the image that had been tormenting me.

Inside the funeral home were countless pictures of Jessica smiling and full of life. This was the Jessica that I wanted to see, not the broken shell that was laying on the highway on that dreadful day. As I looked at the pictures, I saw how beautiful she was… such a young and beautiful woman. I looked at the body that lay in the coffin; this was not Jessica, only a vessel that held her soul. The young woman that everyone knew and loved was gone, except in their hearts and minds. I knew then that Jessica’s spirit was in the room with me and she would help me through this difficult time.

I went over to express my condolences to her parents. In a time that had to be the worse of their life, they reached out to comfort me. How could this be, they had just lost their child; yet they were concerned about my well-being. Obviously, these were people of character. We held each other; cried and comforted one another. It was at this point that I realized that God and Jessica had reached down from Heaven to give peace to her Mother, Father, and myself.

I feel comfort now. I do know that the nightmares and the images will come again and again, but I feel now that Jessica will comfort me when they do.

Good-Bye Jessica, May you forever Rest In Heavenly Peace.

Your Death Is Earth’s Tragic Loss

But Heaven’s Sweet Gain.

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